Any of you guys that are thinking about getting a bearded dragon just starting out and you want to know what you need to buy for your bearded dragon before you get your own.

I want to show you what’s worked for me what I started with and how I’ve got my bearded dragons where they are and what I’ve bought and everything. I want to go ahead and tell you a few things about bearded dragons that I’ve learned in the two-and-a-half years since we bought my first of all bearded dragons.
Bearded Dragon makes absolutely phenomenal pets they’re great for families especially families with young children just because bearded dragons are really gentle and always seem to just love attention so any kids that are gonna be looking or talking to the bearded dragons or whatever. bearded dragons are gonna love that kind of attention so I can’t recommend a bearded dragon as a fantastic pet enough.
you just want to make sure that before you buy a bearded dragon you get his enclosure and everything set up correctly so that when you bring your bearded dragon home whether it be a baby or whether you’re getting an adult, you want to make sure that he’s gonna be healthy, he’s gonna have a nice safe environment in your home you also want to make sure that you’re gonna have enough love for him and enough time to care for him each and every day
bearded dragon is such a great pet, they love attention, they love sitting on your chest and just being with you, and one thing you want to do though before you buy any bearded dragon whether it be a baby or whether it be an adult, whether you’re in the pet store, you just want to look at them in the cage and you want to make sure that they’re alert, make sure they look healthy, anything that kind of sticks out as far as they need to form a tease, maybe you have cut off or bitten off tail or maybe a breeders actually had too many bearded dragons in the same cage and they might have Nick’s or deformed legs or bite marks on them or something like that you want to stay away from those kind of bearded dragons, you want to be looking for things like parasites and any kind of sores that might be leaking any kind of a puss or gunk any kind of buildup on the eyes nose or mouth are also things you want to try to avoid when you buy your bearded dragon, basically just use common sense but really just look for them see how alert they are especially when they’re babies you want to make sure that they’re not just lying there looking lethargic, you want to make sure they look active even if they’re an adult because it could be something really bad I mean it might be something completely natural but it also could be a bad sign so I would stay away from any bearded dragon it looks like it has any of these problems.
bearded dragons do usually get up to about 16 to 17 inches all the way up to about 22 inches in length so they can get pretty big and I would generally recommend if you have young kids to get a bearded dragon at least as a juvenile these 10 inches or bigger just because if you’re gonna have young kids it’s tough handling it, it has a better chance of surviving and not getting sick or parasites or anything like that and it’s a little bit easier to handle as well because they really younger, the dragons are really fast and move around a lot.
so, let’s go ahead and talk about the terrarium that you buy, before you buy bearded dragon I always recommend you get its terrarium setup first, get everything ready make sure the temperatures are right, make sure that you’ve bought adequate stuff and everything’s set up before you go out and get your Bearded dragon. I can’t recommend this enough the last thing you want to do is listen to the sales person, get that cute little bearded dragon and not have anything to put it in and then you end up buying like one of those kits that the salesperson in the pet store sells, and a lot of those kits that you buy in the pet stores, they’re nothing but garbage I mean the terrarium it’s sell might be okay but a lot of the stuff in there the lighting and stuff like that, is just stuff you don’t want and it can cause you’re a bearded dragon to wind up really sick, going blind or a lot of other health problems that you really don’t want for your new bearded dragon, so what I recommend for a baby bearded dragon under about eight to ten inches in total length, you can start off with a 20 gallon terrarium, now you really don’t want to be buying like a brand new aquarium I would rather advise you to buy a terrarium because you don’t want like a big plastic lid on the top and not only that terrariums have more space for your bearded dragon to run around where aquariums typically are taller and offer more height to actually look at the fish swimming around, terrariums give you more space typically for the bearded dragon to move around in there, also typically not quite as high, so you’re going to be able to get your lighting down closer to the bearded dragon which is exactly what you want so I would advise trying to get a terrarium whether you get one use on Craigslist or whether you get one brand new, a terrarium is the way to go so 20 gallons is my recommended size for a baby bearded dragon but realize that once it gets bigger, so once they get to be an adult bearded dragon is you want to get at least a 40 gallon terrarium and my advice is 60 gallons or bigger this sucker in here I believe it’s either 60 or 65 gallons.

So once you got the terrarium you need to make sure you get a lid for it, so make sure it’s metal all the way around because you’re gonna be one to place a heat lamp on top to provide heat for your terrarium in most situations, you want to be able to let the air circulate through his terrarium and come back, so now that you’ve got your terrarium and you’ve got your mesh metal ventilated

now you want to look at lighting, so for lighting on a terrarium you want to get my advice is to not go with any kind of coils or contact bulbs they’re not recommended, studies have shown that they can cause eye problems and a reduction in appetite which you definitely don’t want for your bearded dragon, you definitely need them to be eating and have a good appetite, so what I’ve used ever since we got him a UV bulb Repti Sun 10.0, these bulbs typically run around fifty dollars you can get them a little cheaper on websites like for example, but the Zoo Med Repti Sun 10.0 UVB is my recommendation it’s a two bulb they’re known to provide some of the best UVB lighting and rays for your bearded dragon and recommended that you go with. t You want to get one that runs about as long as your terrarium as close to it as you can because you want to make sure that no matter where and your tank your bearded dragon is that they have that UVB, so you also want to make sure that that UVB light is up and under any kind of you mesh metal lid or anything that you have you want it to be inside the tank with a bearded dragon another thing you want to do is you want to go ahead and make sure that at the bearded dragons highest point where he can bask he’s no more than about eight inches away from that UVB bulb so a lot of things to consider there when you buy your bulb and when you place it.

all right guys what you’re going to want to do for your fluorescent bulb like your UVB roughness that I’ve I recommend is you’re gonna want to get a lightweight bulb holder and they’re typically going to cost you between 10 and 20 dollars make sure you buy one of the lightweight ones, don’t buy one of those twenty pound ones or whatever that are a lot more expensive, you want to make sure they’re lightweight and they’re gonna hold the length of the represent bulb that you’re gonna buy so know what bulb you’re getting, by the bulb first or order the bulb first that way you know how long it is, you want to also measure your terrarium first as well the length of it and so for your terrarium is like 45 inches, you don’t want to buy a 48 inch long bulb because you’re not gonna be able to get it inside so if your terrarium will hold a 48 inch in length UVB bulb and that’s what you want to buy, because you want to try to get it over the most territory of your terrarium that you can, but just go with the longest one that you can I believe the UVB light comes in  48, 36, 24 and 18 inch links so you should be able to buy one that’s going to fit your terrarium  the best that you can, so you want it to go inside the tank and I would just mount it on the back wall of the tank and you can use  command hooks to hold it up as long as your fluorescent bulb holder isn’t that heavy, it should hold it up just fine. now the UVB lights you want to try to change those out about every 6 months, if you can.

If you have to go a little bit longer than 6 months on changing those out for new ones, then you can do that, just don’t wait for the UVB bulb burn out, before you buy a new one or you’re definitely waiting too long.

alright so now we’ve got the UVB lighting inside the tank for our bearded dragon. now we need to worry about Heat, typically want to have for a bearded baby or an adult, you always want a cool side of the tank, and you want a hot basking side of the tank don’t put your basking area in the middle, because you want a cool side and a warm side and the ability for the bearded dragon to go where it wants, based on its needs, for example if a bearded dragon eats a lot of bugs or something like that that you fed them, they’re typically going to go up in their basking area under the heat, so that they can better digest the food that they’ve eaten, so they’ll know what’s best for them, but you want to supply them with a cool side and a warm side, and typically the cool side is where you’ll put their fresh vegetables and their bathwater, where they’re drinking water whatever you have now if you live in a really humid state like out on the East Coast or whatever if the humidity is pretty high you probably don’t want to leave water standing in the tank all day. because it can cause too much humidity, and that can cause your bearded dragon to get really sick, so you don’t want to have too much humidity in your tank, so if you live in a state out here like this or Arizona or somewhere like that you can leave water in their tank all day, and typically they won’t drink the water out of there they’ll just kind of splash around in it, and it helps with their hydration, but sometimes they will drink out of the water, so what I would recommend if you have a bearded dragon and you live in a really humid state is maybe just supply and getting one of these baths like reptile bathtubs as well, and putting fresh water in there like for an hour to a day and then remove it, just so you don’t have too much humidity build up in your tank, so for the warm side of the tank it’s different based on, if you have a young bearded dragon or if you have a adult bearded dragon, so if you have an adult bearded dragon temperatures are recommended in the basking area of it between 90 and I’d say 98 I definitely under a hundred you don’t want any warmer than 100 for an adult but for a juvenile bearded dragon you want to have it probably about 102 to 105 and for a little teeny baby bearded dragon under like 6 or 7 inches in total length you to have it 105 or 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the Basking area, very important,  and for all bearded dragons no matter what size the cool side of the tank during the day you want it between 80 and 85 degrees, you don’t want to get too cool there on the day, you want it to be a little bit warmer and at night, you want to actually turn off all the lights the UVB lights the heating lights and everything like that you want totally dark in there and you want it to be cooler because bearded dragons are used to it being cooler in the Australian deserts where they’re from and a night they’re used to cold temperatures so it can drop all the way down to I’d say 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night, if it gets any cooler in your house I think this is going to be pretty rare for most people, I think most people’s house probably stays at least 65 at night even during the winter, but if it does drop cooler than that you might want to think about getting like a heat bulb, never use any kind of heat like heat pads under your terrarium never use any kind of heat rocks anything like that because bearded dragons have a very sensitive underbelly and their underbelly here that if that gets on like a heat rock or whatever that can scald them and really hurt them, so you don’t want to use any kind of heating devices on the underground, you also don’t want any kind of light,  don’t get any kind of like blue lights or red lights or anything like that for the night time, you want it to be totally dark so they can sleep best, so if it is gonna be getting cooler than like 65 degrees at night where you live, again don’t buy any kind of color lights any kind of lights that are putting any kind of light out at all, only thing I would recommend for that to make sure that your tank doesn’t get below 65 degrees it is consider buying maybe a ceramic heat emitter it’s a CH II and you can buy those they’re relatively cheap but you want to make sure they don’t put any kind of light out,

okay so for your heat bulb your basking light what I would recommend is you can buy these more expensive heat lamps right here you want to make sure that they’re all metal no plastic you can buy these in the pet store but they’re pretty spendy that we bought a terrarium that came with one that’s why we’re using one so maybe a little bit better but you can certainly go to like Lowe’s and Home Depot those hardware kind of stores and just buy like a a work light like this I think this is like ten bucks at Lowe’s and just make sure it’s all aluminum or metal make sure there’s you know no plastic except maybe up here at the top or whatever but this part here definitely needs to make sure it’s all aluminum or something like that that’s not gonna you know melt so you can buy this and put it your bulb inside of here and for the bulb itself you can either use a a basking bulb which you can find a pet stores or you know like websites like Amazon or whatever or you can use just a regular standard you know sixty or a hunt 75 or 100 watt house bulb to supply your heat in the summer time I believe you can get away with like a 60 watt bulb it’ll probably keep your terrarium warm enough depending on how cool you keep your house you know during the wintertime you might want to actually get a basking bulb and you’re gonna have to experiment with your terrarium in your own house to figure out you know what kind of wattage you need for a basking bowl I know we use I believe a I believe we use a hundred watt basking bulb in the winter and then during the summer we can use like a 75 wide regular standard household bulb in here to provide his heat in his basking area so I can’t recommend enough staying away from these $60 you know basking bulb things like here I’ve seen them you can buy one if you want to spend the money but why buy that when you can buy something simple like this for like 10 or 12 bucks at your hardware store and it’s gonna work just as well and it’s not gonna you know this isn’t gonna provide any more kind of heat or anything like that then this will and you’re saving yourself 40 or 50 bucks in most situations

you can use reptile carpet, which is really good I would stay away from the sand, especially if you have a young bearded dragon, because what will happen, is they will tend to eat that sand and it can get inside them, and it can cause impaction. Bearded dragons have a really small short intestinal tract, but it’s really narrow, so like any kind of sand or anything like can get inside of them cause a really deadly situation, called impaction where their intestines, can get blocked and that can lead to the death of a bearded dragon very quickly, so it’s not worth buying anything unsafe, you can use paper towels, they are easy to clean up and I’ll be honest with you your bearded dragons are gonna make a mess they are gonna poop and pee and stuff like that all over the place, they’re gonna get into your vegetables and spread them all over the tank they are messy they’re gonna get your bath water and splash it all over there’s, no way you’re gonna have a neat. bearded dragon they’re all gonna be really messy, so expect that and expect to have to clean your rocks and your logs and whatever else you put in your tank.
for substrate my best recommendation is to use a flexible tile, make sure that it’s not gonna melt make sure it has the ability to get up to leave 120 degrees about melting or anything like that and then just cut it to fit your cake and then that the reason I recommend this is because it’s very easy to clean, it’s much easier to clean than the reptile carpet or something like that and you’re not wasting a lot of money buying paper towel all the time, which can also get shredded and messy off from your bearded dragon, so this is my recommendation is this kind of tile the flexible tile that you can buy and cut and shape to your terrarium size it’s very inexpensive and it’s very easily cleaned alright so now that I’ve went over the substrate up, went over the heat, I went over to UVB, and I went over the tank, what kind of tank I’ve also covered the lid for your bearded dragon.


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