bearded dragon eat

Many people get bearded dragons when they’re very small and when they’re young they eat mostly all insects you should feed a variety of insects crickets are great roaches lots of different worms find all types of the pet store.

But as they age they eat differently, they’re gonna eat more and more greens and you can feed some fruits and vegetables as well now a full adult.

Bearded Dragon they can live around 15 years sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, but at 10 years old even at 5 years old they’re fully an adult, and at that point, they’re gonna be eating basically 80% about vegetables and greens and about 20% insects.

What Fruits & Vegetables Can I Feed my growing Bearded Dragon?

It’s not an exact science you can feed theme salads a few days, a week and then one or two days feed some insects or you can mix some insects into the salad. but basically, their diet changes as they get older, to eat mostly vegetation.

So you’re not gonna keep feeding them the same throughout their whole life. it won’t be good for them they’ll probably end up getting sick and unhealthy if you were to just keep eating them insects.

Two of the best things you could feed are collard greens and mustard greens these are a staple that should be in their meal almost every time, these are great for them so you’re gonna want to pretty much always have in your house if you have an adult dragon, because it’s something they’re gonna want to eat and it’s healthy for them, there’s nothing bad about these couple types here, Just give them some more flavor.

Can bearded dragons eat blueberries?

My dragon really loves blueberries which are fine again in moderation they’re healthy for a dragon, but don’t feed them exclusively, don’t feed them too much of them, they add nutrients and they’re perfectly safe usually I get small little tiny cherry, cut just one up, so you can easily bite it and swallow it basically in a bite. so just a few pieces to spread around and then blueberries they’re bite-sized usually unless you find some monster blueberries.

Ways to Get Your Bearded Dragon to eat his food

If you want him to go after his food, sometimes adding a little bit of movement, and just throwing a few super worms or meal worms or Kelcey worms something that’s gonna wiggle around into the mix will often make them go after it, because there’s something moving, so that’s something you could do as a trick to try to help get your dragon to eat and start eating his veggies, you don’t want to start introducing leafy greens and vegetable fruits to your dragon as they get to be a year or so old and they’re still gonna eat mostly insects, but you don’t want to start introducing it and providing that movement and there can help.


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