The Most Common Bearded Dragon Illnesses

Whether its an adult or a baby Bearded Dragon, the ability to identify common diseases will help extend your dragons lifespan. Although some ailments are unpreventable. Knowledge, a well set up and maintained dragon cage can keep your baby bearded dragon in good health.We are going to go over a few common diseases, their...

What you need to know about Bearded Dragon

Any of you guys that are thinking about getting a bearded dragon just starting out and you want to know what you need to buy for your bearded dragon before you get your own.I want to show you what's worked for me what I started with and how I've got my bearded dragons where...

What Bearded Dragon should eat as an adult

bearded dragon eat
Many people get bearded dragons when they're very small and when they're young they eat mostly all insects you should feed a variety of insects crickets are great roaches lots of different worms find all types of the pet store.But as they age they eat differently, they're gonna eat more and more greens and...

how to create the perfect bearded dragon habitat

If you've already adopted a bearded dragon and want it to be safe for the coming years, you'll have to find him a place that you can call a bearded dragon home, whether it's a terrarium or a cage. In this article we try to help you make the right choice for your bearded dragon.

Breeding Bearded Dragons

Breeding Bearded Dragons
before you try to begin breeding, you must think about the expanse, usually, for every 6 babies, you will need a separate terrarium. So, you’ll need to have lots of space and spend a considerable amount of money on items such as UV lights, heated rocks, humidifiers, terrariums, food, supplements and you will end up...